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Who we are

AfidampCOM is the commercial arm of Afidamp which gathers distributors, dealerships and resellers of professional cleaning equipment, machinery, products and services.

The association was officially formed in Milan in 2002, but ever since the constitution of Afidamp in 1981, it has represented the commercial side of the organization. AfidampCOM pursues a range of goals, including in particular: improve service to customers; liaise with the institutions in the drawing up of competitive tenders and help cleaning firm associations run practical training courses. It is of also vital importance in creating events to bring together firms in the sector and promote initiatives to engage operators all across the country.

Made in Italy is not only manufacturing, but also distribution of value and quality, embodied by AfidampCOM, helping to create a generation of ever more qualified and pioneering distributors. The service sector represents a pillar of the Italian economy, helping to create growth and jobs in the regions in which they operate and across the whole country

Associate members

AfidampCOM groups together commercial firms which operate prevalently and with continuity in cleaning, hygiene and environmental sanitation, including the paper industry, work and accident prevention clothing and everything that comes under the heading of global services.

AfidampCOM membership affords access to multiple services: conventions and special offers on goods and services, regulatory and legal advice, information and training, and involvement in initiatives and events of strategic interest to the distribution sector.

Institutional relations

AfidampCOM maintains continual relations with top level institutions and associations and represents a fixed reference point on the questions of hygiene, environmental protection, innovation, training, commercial strategy and enterprise culture. This gives AfidampCOM an active role in promoting the growth of the industry.

Main aims and activities

  • Disseminate knowledge of methods and techniques to offer the best professional solutions to the problems of cleaning, hygiene and environmental sanitation;
  • Promote initiatives to encourage Italian commercial development nationally and worldwide;
  • Support action to foster growth of the market and the diffusion of cleaning machines, equipment, products and services;
  • Provide advice and analysis on cleaning industry problems;
  • Drive initiatives to incentivise the growth of the market and the diffusion within it of professional cleaning machinery, equipment, products and services;
  • Gather and analyse market data and information through participation in industry-related associations and bodies.