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Who we are

AfidampFED is the Federation of Professional Cleaning and Hygiene Industry Associations.

Founded in 2004, AfidampFED is the institutional home of the most qualified operators in the professional cleaning sector. Its membership comprises the manufacturers who generate technological know-how (Italy is one of the world's leading producers in terms of number of firms and quality of manufacture, of professional cleaning machinery, equipment and products),  and the distributors who represent the point of contact on a local level with end users, both professional and civil, gathering their demands and meeting their needs.

Within the Federation a permanent working group of direct operators and service providers is active in proposing ideas, methods and best practices to ensure the hygiene and safety of the spaces in which we live.

Founding Associations


Promoter Associations


Institutional relations

AfidampFED performs the vitally important role of political-institutional representation for the sector, with the primary purpose of building and disseminating a culture of cleaning.
As an organization it represents a guarantee for both the market operators and the institutions and public administrations. The Federation is the key interlocutor in a constructive dialogue with local government hammering out laws and standards regulating the sector and driving information campaigns on the central importance of cleaning as an essential condition for healthy living.

Main aims and activities

The Federation performs many activities, all aimed at promoting the culture of cleaning with government and public opinion.

AfidampFED is particularly active in the development of technical and professional education in the sector, through the publication of manuals and pamphlets, the creation of training courses, and by promoting multiple level partnerships with schools of all types.