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Logo AiisaAIISA (ITALIAN ASSOCIATION OF AIR SYSTEM CLEANING FIRMS) gathers together companies who share a common ambition to work at the highest level on the inspection, maintenance and remediation of aeraulic systems.
Following suggestions from its members, AIISA publishes any information which comes into its possession on the latest processes in its sphere of activity.
The divulging of such knowledge is designed to inform and raise awareness among the institutions, business and the related associations.
AIISA members are scattered across the entire country and the health benefits resulting from the growth of this market are felt by anyone who lives or works in a closed space served by centralised air conditioning.
AIISA applies the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) standards of control, maintenance and remediation for aeraulic systems, which have been used with success worldwide for more than 20 years.
AIISA acts as NADCA's representative in Italy: as such it has promoted training for ASCSs (Air System Cleaning Specialists), organizing in Italy the examinations for international professional certification.

This foundation provides applied research, operational support, education and training for businesses and customers of Facility Management Services. It promotes the development of a modern and efficient corporate culture targeting Facility Management Services businesses and customers through various forms of strategic intervention.
The "Scuola Nazionale Servizi" offers assistance in the field, on site where the work actually takes place. The NSS adviser is a figure of proven experience, who consults with everyone involved in the service delivery process to optimize performance in both qualitative and quantitative terms. 
In educational and training the National Services School has developed a programme of activities involving cooperation and exchange between customers, operators, service users and researchers, to ensure that technical and professional education meets the real needs of clients.
The NSS produces several industry data banks which are open for consultation to facilitate the rapid transfer of knowledge (business trends, jobs, services delivered, etc.). It produces books and in-depth scientific reports. It also gathers case studies from the world of work for educational use with young people.